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This site is intended to help organize a complete siyum on shas mishnayos in memory of the person recently niftar. Since neshamos can still benefit from our learning it is a special zechus to help anyone that was niftar by learning mishnayos on their behalf. The word Mishnah and Neshama are composed of the exact same hebrew letters indicating a special bond between the two. For that reason, mishnayos have become the customary subject of torah to learn following a petirah.

For those of you who are simply signing up to learn mishnayos for someone else - Kol Hakavod!

This site is free to use for your benefit. Hopefully it will help make one thing easier during such a hard time. May the neshamos listed here have an aliyah.

This site is dedicated in memory of
Mordechai Ben Efraim HaKohen.

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shloshim mishnah shivah The only place to come when you need to create a list for someone that died. Organize mishnah and mishanyos and torah learning for the deceased, dead, niftar, passed away. Whether you need to organize a list for your relative or friend, this is the place to help you complete SHAS mishnayos by the 30 day shloshim date. Shloshim means 30 which is the number of days post mortum after someone dies. The relatives of the deceased need to mourn for seven 7 days called Shivah shivah. After the shiva, the shloshim 30 begins which continues until 30 days after the burial. The days start from the burial and NOT from the death. Although there is a period of mourning for one 1 year following the burial, the first 30 days are important for the soul neshamah of the deceased in Jewish culture and the custom is to have a strict mourning periond for the entire 30 days. It is important to help the soul and spirit of the deceased niftar relative's soul neshama. Learning TORAH torah is a great way to help them accumulate mitzvos. Since learning torah is a great mitzvah it will benefit the soul of the deceased if the entire SHAS six 6 books seder of mishnayos oral law are learned on behalf of the deceased. This site will organize this list and help make it easier to track if you will complete the entire SHAS mishnayos by the shloshim date.